Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Prophetic Salah in the Light of Sahih ahadith

This Article contains brief description of Prophetic (ﷺ) Salah( Prayer-Namaz ). Since we know that Salah(Prayer) is one of the Major Pillar of Islam. So, it must be prayed according to the guidelines of Quran and Sunnah.


A Pray as Prophet(ﷺ) had prayed.
B Importance of Salah(Prayer) in Islam.
C Ablution(Wudu).
D First Intention.
E Facing Qibla.
F Joining shoulders to Shoulders and foot to foot.
G Eye Should point to the Spot of Prostration.
H Takbir Tahrima.
I Where to place Hand during Salah(Namaaz).
J Taawudh.
K Is it Permissible to recite Surah-Fatiha behind Imam?
L Is it permissible to say ‘Ameen’ Loudly?
M Rafayadain(Raising Hands in Salah).
N Ruku(bow) & Dua(Supptdcation).
O Qawmah (Standing after Ruku).
P Going to & Getting up from Sajdah/Sujood (Prostration).
Q First Sajda(Prostration).
R Jalsah (Sitting between two Sajdah).
S Second Sajdah
T Jalsah-e-Istarahat(Sitting for Rest).
U Second Rakat.
V Tashahud & the Index Finger
W The position and ruling of the Index Finger
X Third (3rd) Rakat.
Y Fourth (4th) Rakat.
Z Timing for Prayer.
Z1 Sunna Prayers.

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